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How to fall in love in a strange city?

there is our firm rule - twice a year in corporate travel tours.Wheels for his native country and neighboring powers.And that's what remarked successful voyage often depends on ... how well we prepare for it.And it's not in your hotel, tour guide (this is just what often fed), but in something else.Because really see the city itself can only loosely on excursions while.

I remember our trip to Warsaw.The city in fact amazing.Refurbished "Stare Miasto," gorgeous bridge over the river, the old and semi-criminal area of ​​Prague ... but on this tour I had no luck.Because it relied on a colleague the same age, who knew the Polish capital.But I came for the beauty, and it is - shopping.So we went to an enormous supermarket, where stupidly shot your precious time.Try to correct the situation the next day, I went to the Russian bookstore on the street Winnie the Pooh.But the Old City is still seen in a hurry.It is good that the other girlfriend instead of idle reels shops and boutiques n

and ate cakes.

Therefore, the first rule.Be sure to feel the taste of the city.

It is desirable that it was not by chance met up eatery, and some exquisite place.It is best that it is somewhere in the center.

example, such as we met in Uzhgorod, where we visited the spring.However, this time we were prepared.Pre-visit the forums on the internet after hearing opinions and concluded that in the Transcarpathian town go to the "Cactus".If it turns out - in "Detsu from Notaro."We visited and there and there."Cactus" is in the center, decorated in cowboy style.Even in a very modern toilet there are the massive wooden doors.In the cafe, we tasted the soup, which they bring to boiling on a spirit directly.Effectively and imagine, even delicious.

second rule.Buy a map.

I bring them out of all their trips.Firstly, suddenly still happen to visit the famous city.Second, find some interesting streets.For example, I am always looking for the street that bears the name of my native city of the heroic (Brest).And be sure to visit her.If one is not found, you can visit other important places.Only one condition - better to go on foot.After all, you come here to feel the atmosphere of the city.

third rule (not always feasible).First tour - then arbitrary time.

During the tour you can listen to the guide, if it's good enough.But if the guide rolls in the dates that you will not remember a better look out the window and remember.So that when the time is voluntary, once again visit the most interesting places.Unfortunately, this possibility is not always: sometimes tours are in a hurry, and immediately pulls the bus home.My advice - change group.No walking around the city you will not feel its atmosphere.And, most likely, will not like it.

Rule Four.Bring gifts for themselves and their relatives.

In my humble opinion, this should be something that does not exist at home.So I am very careful to all kinds of crafts, and we are a plenty.From Uzhgorod I brought two small children glowing july, bought in a store such as "All 4 hryvnia."For myself - Easter Egg (or rather, the shell) handmade brocade-clad.For parents - locally produced coffee cup.A trifle, but until now all go.

Rule Five.Introducing tourists and communicate with people.

came loose in a souvenir shop in Uzhgorod, we learned that our interlocutor, the artist once lived almost none in the neighboring town.Very intoxicated person somehow "znyanatsku" presented shabby bunch of irises.A trifle, but nice.And the city seemed suddenly become such a family.My friends in a new city is sure to go to a night club or bowling.The same option.

Rule six (extra).Read the book, the characters of which this city.

so I turned to the "Babi Yar" Anatoly Kuznetsov.I went to Kiev and tried to learn the routes that went to the heroes of the documentary novel.Something recognizable.One gets the impression unforgettable.

main rule.Visit online forums of the city.

Local residents will be able to give you a very sensible description of secret courts, secret buildings and something very important, as you never tell the guide.And it is only in such places live the very soul of the city.

So successful you travel!