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What secrets hide the "Werewolf"?

Initially, the Germans were planning to build a bid for the Fuhrer at Lubny in Poltava region, but then moved to the front line, Hitler took over a secluded place, and decided to place a bet to the west, near Vinnitsa.

Myths and Legends "Werewolf»

There are other versions of siting near Vinnitsa: some believe that the place was recommended to Hitler his "court" astrologers, with whom he used to coordinate their decisions.Specialists of Berlin Institute of occult sciences have found a place near Vinnitsa in the zone of negative energies of the earth, so will the rate of the drive, and it will help to suppress the will of the Fuhrer people at large distances.

Others believe that the idea of ​​building rates near Vinnitsa belong to Goering, who in 1918, as a military pilot during the first occupation of Ukraine personally examined the hem.Hering's biographers say that the future was a local ally of Hitler lover and child, although this fact could hardly be relevant to the choic

ay, the idea to build Goering rate near Vinnitsa, which he expressed in December 1940 and has proven strategic and geographical features of the area, like Hitler.

still not clear whether the tank is safe for the surrounding lands.There are many versions:

rate can be mined and cause an explosion with unknown consequences for the Southern Bug and the surrounding settlements.Mining plan can only be the Germans.

danger of radioactive contamination.There is an assumption that in Vinnytsia bunker Hitler was ill with radiation sickness, which is "awarded" his strizhavsky granite.They say that the concentration of radioactive substances in the hopper exceeded the permissible norm 500 times!

same radiation, but related to the fact that the bunker was created atomic weapons.Underground premises and moves suspiciously close to uranium reservoir in Kirovograd.If the bunker designed only military operations, so why it was necessary to dig deep underground in a 7-storey building?

It developed biological weapons.Maybe that's why the German side did not make public information available to it at the rate of and interested in joint with Ukraine excavations?

Something else, in connection with which neither Moscow nor Berlin nor Kiev does not consider it necessary to excavate or safe bet.

But measurements indicate that the radiation level in the center of Vinnitsa exceeds the radiation level on the territory of bets.

According to the stories of the first military commandant liberated Vinnitsa IY Becker (weekly "Pic", 1992, Vinnitsa), bunker represented the cemietazhnoe underground building, which stands on the brink.

The third top floor, suitable railway line on which the train went to the Fuehrer and the doors of the cars opened directly into the hopper!

fifth top floor apartment occupied Fuhrer.Below - a life-support system.Only one room was not open at survey rate the Soviet secret services, it is not marked on the plan and has no analogues in other rates Hitler.On the results of the satellite imagery it looks solid black spot.This so-called space № 3. What is it?Treasures of the Reich?For a weapon of retaliation or dark forces, with that share the ideology of Satanism Hitler come into contact?

There is evidence that the former chief of foreign intelligence B. Schellenberg at the Nuremberg trials showed that agents and guards of the Führer's entourage in their reports have described high ape-like creatures, which the Fuehrer met periodically in the dungeon.This testimony is so fantastic that not even taken into account, although it is no secret that Hitler was fascinated by magic and tried to get in contact with otherworldly forces.

Some authors have suggested that the rate of conducted experiments on human beings and mysterious creatures none other mutants, which Hitler wanted to take advantage of the insane to mastering the world.

In 1989, on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the "Werewolf" suddenly remembered in Moscow, Vinnitsa team was sent, which began search operations according to the program "Hermes".Headed program Head of the Department of Cybernetics of the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute prof.LZ Bobrovnikov.The work is done MP "Frome".We were obtained photographs from space.They are clearly visible cable lines, the location of bins and their sizes communication.Ready to start the excavations.

And then the rumors that the bid can not touch it, they say, is mined and radioactively.Immediately at the program abruptly ended funds, works were stopped, and Muscovites gone forever.Soon after the Soviet Union ceased to exist, to crush the independent powers.The story of excavations "Werewolf" has ended.

In 1992, Bulgarian prophetess Vanga said: "Werewolf" - the city of the dead.Be careful not to disturb him! "And told that in case of opening the dungeon collapses to the ground hitherto unknown to mankind's disease.

And according to the astrologer Pavel Globa, Vinnitsa has two poles of power: good - homestead Pirogov, and the evil - Hitler's headquarters.Touching one of them can disrupt the energy balance and bring the city to the natural disasters.

Retractable version that in the depths of "Werewolf" stored treasures vanished Amber Room and valuables looted by the Nazis.Many are of the opinion that the boundaries of the "Werewolf" is not limited to strizhavskoy clearing and extend far beyond its borders.


today I stand on this incredibly beautiful land that took a fancy to his lair one of the worst people living in the world, and I regret that I am not a nerd.Around grows unprecedented number of wonderful trees and shrubs.

far from the territory of modern frozen rate "Novoukrainka" houses with colored tiles on the roofs.They suspiciously empty.It is rumored that live in these homes is impossible.Some locals say that at night there is heard a bloodcurdling howl of wolves, although no wolves in the neighborhood no one has ever seen.

road, built by the Germans, is still relatively intact, but rather the territory of bets on the other side of the highway, leaving froze up arrow Obelisk - a monument erected by in memory of 14 thousand people were killed by the Nazis.

Next to the "Werewolf" - a summer camp with the romantic name "Swallow".

In 2002, Vinnytsia regional authorities announced a tender for the use of orphan ruins "Werewolf", that is, on 10 hectares of land in the village eight kilometers from Strizhavka Vinnitsa region.However, despite the presence of wanting to get that piece of land, "attach" bid late Fuhrer local authorities failed - Power forbidden.

By decision of the government special commission to study the matter and issued a verdict on the impossibility of construction on the territory bet no public facilities.

theme of Hitler being discussed for many years - talk about it, write books, articles, and make films, it attracts Ukrainians, Russians and Germans.Orphan, it irritates the local authorities, and causes a lot of rumors and speculation.

ruins of Hitler's sooner or later will be razed to the ground by the time, as long as they are - a terrible reminder to us all that must never happen again, that you can never avoid - a reminder of fascism.

Still, there - under the ground? ..