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How to equip the smoking-room?

area where guests or the owner of the house could "to smoke" without harm to others - a sign of taste and status.

House has a special corner to enjoy an expensive cigar, cigarette democratic, aristocratic, or exotic hookah pipe shows that not only do you come to this process with taste, but also care about the health of the household.

Smoking, of course, is bad.But the cigar has long been a "status happy", and with the release of the cult film "Coffee and Cigarettes" flared interest in the aesthetics of the "intellectual" of smoking.As in 1713, the famous Italian physician Bernardino Ramazini, "this defect will always be condemned, but it will always reach."But you also can not ignore the non-smoking!

global trend
smoking room, a sort of "gentlemen's club", a sign of the Victorian era, increasingly appear not only in bars, restaurants and hotels, but also in private homes."Smoking rooms have become very popular," - said the New York interior designer in New York, J
s suit even non-smokers owners, who are often friends, smokers, and architects in advance provide such rooms in new houses.

But how to arrange a place for smokers in our, the Russian context, with the current while for many families "Housing Problem"?

The owner of the mansion can arrange smoking room in the attic.You can arrange the eastern corner of hookahs collection.There are "smoking balconies" - special dormer windows, balconies, from where you can survey the neighborhood with a cigar and a glass of Armagnac ...

second option - a smoking room in the basement.It will have to warm, to get rid of mold, be sure to hold ventilation.But in the basement, you can easily mark the heavy billiard table and chase balls, smoking a cigar in his pleasure.

third option - to use a smoking room closed Insulated terrace or loggia, which will be convenient for owners of small apartments.

place where you can smoke a cigar and talk about politics, it should, of course, furnish a special taste.Such rooms cost and 10, and 20 and 150 thousand dollars - depending on the design and the number of accessories collected caring collector.

Typically, this account includes leather upholstery, possibly antique furniture in the spirit of good old Victorian England.This may be a smoking room with a fireplace, where you can emulate Sherlock Holmes (the main thing is not to smoke opium).

in souvenir shops and tobacco shops were quite wide, you can find a humidor cigar humidors (special boxes to store them), knives for cutting the cigar and guillotines from expensive materials, fancy pipes, water pipes, devices for packing tobacco into the tube,collectible ashtrays, lighters ... prestigious British pipe handmade - 3700 rub., the tube that could pitch Taras Bulba - 4.5 thousand rubles, deluxe edition DA Gaeva "Tubes" - 1406 rubles, the guillotine of palladium - 155 th. rubles., amber mouthpiece - from five hundred rubles.

For originals - snuff and snuff boxes, "shag" and even Cigarette paper ...

If you come to the arrangement of smoking room seriously, take care of ventilation.Modern systems are very convenient - for example, a fan can be switched on only when the light is turned on, or if the infrared sensors caught the human presence in the room.The cost of the simplest solutions - 700-1500 rubles, equipment premium cost tens of thousands.

to the smell of tobacco smoke does not stagnate in the smoking too long, and the resin did not spoil the upholstery and the things correctly Pick finishing materials.Do not use drapes, lush curtains, use the classic interior furniture made of leather and precious wood, and modern - plastic, glass, stainless steel.

course, equipment separate smoking rooms in the house - not a cheap even if you select the most economical option.However, if you need to close the health, it is necessary to think over the need for such facilities.

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