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How to leave a mark in the history of the family?

Would you like to leave a mark in the history ... of the family?The story of your childhood might capture your parents, but to preserve the history of your child, you can.And then, years later, to remember the most fun and carefree fleeting pore of his life - his childhood.Think about how it will be interesting to sit down with the grown-up son or daughter and tell about the time that they do not remember, or hide records and give them to the wedding day.This will be the best gift - because it invested so much care and love!

To maximize capture the first days and months when the baby is growing and changing by the minute, it is necessary to use different methods of storing information.You can start with the album .Who sold these special albums, which can be entered each month weight and height of the child, important events and funny pictures.They all have is painted and decorated, there is only time to record data, as they will not be forgotten: write when the baby started to s

r, crawl, walk - so many events happening every day and so it is important not to miss the moment.

If you do not like the finished album, you can make it his own.Young parents usually do not have time for this, and someone just draws it into a table, where there is no unnecessary words and stories, but the information how, when and what.But if you have time and desire, you can make such a masterpiece that will impress friends and all very please the child in the future.

Record funny and interesting moments of growing up kid on video recorder or .Then, one can create a home movie or write book with stories about the child's life (if you do not have time to fill the album) in the future, when the child grows up, and time appears.

Make photos in the first days and months of his life.Then there will be so much fun to watch as a kid has changed, as a huge bear ceased to seem so big and how, finally, that bear a child has outgrown.Select the photo for the first single album or save the photos to your computer.

Make prints legs and arms of the baby.This service can be ordered from the professionals, but much more interesting to do it themselves.Independently prints can be squeezed, for example, salt dough or plaster.When the dough has hardened, it is necessary to decorate his usual paint and cover the furniture with lacquer.Beautifully will look prints baby finger paints on a simple white sheet.This exclusive picture you can put in a frame, attach a photo of the kid and hung on the wall.

Send your wishes in the future .Write on pieces of paper all your dreams for the future of the child, whom he had become, and how the rest of his life.Have to write such notes of all your loved ones.Many years later, it will be very nice and fun to read, something to dream once and how it worked out really.

Release home newspaper .It is very easy to do: just on Whatman paper and album pages to write about past events, you can stick to these events photos, draw pictures and everything.This paper can be produced once a month or coincide with each issue to any holiday.In it you can tell what events are taking place in parallel with the way the baby learns to roll over and crawl.It is interesting to read a newspaper, not only the child but the whole family.

Save favorite toys and clothes child.It is desirable to those who have the photographs.It is so interesting to look at tiny panties that were once at the time and toys that were larger in size of the host. Bracelet , which put the handle in the hospital for the first time sostrizhennye hair and nails also save.

This will greatly rejoice your little baby yet.With a little effort, and after a few years to see how his eyes light up at the sight of such an unusual and valuable gift.]

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