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Brecht's play not to lose popularity, but on the contrary, its gain.Each phrase is relevant and topical, because it is beyond the scope of social conflict.Subtle psychological facets of relationships described in the plays of the examples of scenes from everyday life, where one allows himself to be above the conscience and integrity.The other - forced to endure, to play along and keep a human face.

«Mr. Punt and his servant Matti" - a play on the tyrant and his servants, written by Brecht in 1940, the stories and sketches play Finnish writer Hella Wuolijoki.

rich landowner Finnish Punta rarely sober, but it's for the best.Sober, he brutal, aggressive and suspicious.

- Do you want me to answer the main question of the play?After it the whole game is built on this.It's a moral detective, although comedy.The question of "when he is a man?" Is a definite answer.And it is at the end!Sometimes it is very important to do what it says.This is a very difficult task.Just pass the

replace it by yourself , - said earlier artistic director Mindaugas Karbauskis.

«Mr. Punt ...", created for the 90th anniversary of the theater, has been declared as "... the occasion to talk about the dual nature of man."That makes him alcohol and power.There are different opinions about the dramatic metamorphosis of a man drunk and imperious.But no one would argue with the statement - from scratch is not born of nothing.It does not magically become good-natured spendthrift and a miser thrifty.It's all one person.

performance theater opened the season 2013/14.

rich farmers Punta (Mikhail Filippov) owns forest and cows, so the community has a weight, respect and constant companions in the face of the Pastor and judges.

He intends to marry his daughter Eva respectable (Zoe Kaidanovskaya).Father found her fiance - attaches a growing career in the communications ministry and undisguised respect to the money of the future father in law.Setting Puntilla support his "greatness" and plays along with eagerness and loss of dignity.The only person who understands that subservience - this game is endowed with its own opinion, and plays along with dignity and humor - is the driver Matti (strong acting job Anatoly Lobotsky).

Punta do what he wants: getting drunk and change their decisions at any moment.Selflessly woos directly to four women.

- I, you see, are all betrothed.I hope you will not refuse me ...

World Puntilla - lying, chinopochitaemy and repulsive.But ... The world of characters Mikhail Filippov - convincing and charming.In this connection, I want to talk about the place of the individual in history.

If ever there is a person, then that person makes history.The game is a replica of the actor can smear on the air or make it a "winged", even if the author did not expect a "winged".It is clear that the veteran actor skillfully puts into operation talent, acting, mental energy, motivation, and so on.But practice shows that this is not always enough to ensure that the viewer does not look away from the actor's ear and all the while the one on the stage.The viewer is not just looking at the actor Filippov.The viewer watches watching him.Breathe in rhythm with him, trying to breathe at the same time.And it is not a blind adoration or fanaticism.This trust and agreement.

Thousands of actors have charisma and professionalism.But with the game People's Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Ivanovich Filippov talking about subtle, intellectual, emotional relationship with the audience.Actor and spectator controls calmly tells the story of your character.He has attention and fully justifies their confidence.

- There would be people our leaders - I think unconsciously about the actor (and not his character, of course).As

playing absolutely negative character, the actor manages to evoke sympathy for him?

short stature, thick, heavily drunk Punta talks about his own place in the world.And I must say, he took the place itself is not bad, and even significant.It is so touching and sentimental, with tears saves from death bug.And he moved by his act.Masculine profile becomes soft and gullible.He loves everyone and the world must reciprocate.But, God forbid, ppm levels will fall.Immediately an angel turns into a vicious fury, from which better hide.

performed by Mikhail Filippov tyrant and ham Punta charming even when rude.Looking at him, could not help think that a drink or two - not too bad (as convincing Filippov!)

We believe you, Mikhail, rather - do not believe.Kindness, seeping through the evil, rudeness, mixed with irony and hope for understanding, flat jokes with elements of wisdom - it is a magical way of Puntilla, created a brilliant actor.We do not believe, looking at you, that evil can be all-powerful, and rudeness - wounding.Great sense of forgiveness and philosophical wisdom fills the soul when you see the hero Filippov.

unclear how Brecht wrote the play in 1940, after Filippov was born only in 1947!It is understood that the prototype for the hero already, but "in Puntilovski" to say the replica as it does Filippov - no one can.In Finland, the performance put every year.There is, of course, there are nuances.But "our Punta" can not fail to please!It is a subtle and charming, even when rude.

- Tell me about your life - tying Punta acquaintance.

- I live ... so - begins sad tale girl.

- Good!- Exclaims Punta, and from his eyes sparks vent, which fall within the hearts of the audience.And then dissolved in them sadness and gloom.

play looks easy, happy.Excellent work Kaidanovskaya Zoe.Not within the next writing theater reviews, but really want to note: the eyes of the actress like a mother;mouth and chin - his father;expressiveness and emotionality - both brilliant actors.Anatoly Lobotsky was at the height of all the actors deserve excellent marks.White stage and the beautiful light filled the room air and dynamics.

place of the individual in the history of the play is huge.It is not just about talent and genius.We are talking about a situation where they say, "I went to Filippova."

In the history of the audience that the actor took pride, an important place.

Genre: Folk comedy works
Author: Bertolt Brecht
Production Karbauskis Mindaugas
creators of the play: Space - Sergei Barkhin music - Paul Dessau, costumes - Natalia Voinov, light designer - Sergey Skornetsky
theater named after V.Mayakovsky Moscow

September 3, 2013