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How to improve the status of the nurse?

Sometimes, deciding safely all material issues, people a little differently begin to organize your life.And if prosperity in the family makes it possible not to carry the baby shopping, do not wake him up early in the morning and not leave with relatives at the time of travel or evening trips to the theater and to the friends, the nanny - quite a reasonable way out.

Until a few years ago about minders spoke loud enough.People who live from paycheck to paycheck, it was difficult to imagine yourself nanny employers, who will sit with their child.However, in guvernerstva Russia has a considerable history.

traditional church upbringing did not provide for the presence of tutors (translated from the French "School Teacher") in home education.Oversight of the children "uncles" and "nurse" did not have any special education.

With the accession to the throne of Peter I the state begins to take care of education.With the adoption of a decree in 1725, "Poveda was teaching geometry an

ago ranks of people who wish to, at least require - in a church service, and civic, doctor's art."However, with the establishment of the academy were forbidden to study at home out of fear, as if home teachers, especially foreign ones, "do not have any protivnosti Orthodox faith."During the reign of Catherine, which replaced reformism Peter gets spread of home education in the noble families.At the same time, a decree was issued "punish" tutors have certificates of the Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University.

Under Paul I was preparing governesses Bourgeois School at the Institute for Noble Maidens, better known to our generation as the Smolny.The nobility of the era of well-paid work of tutors.For many girls, this was the only way to earn money, but it is "bread."

in post-revolutionary Russia, such as the profession would not exist.Neither the universities nor the schools did not teach this.However, at all times, some families needed a tutor, working woman with a child - assistant.Demand for nurses has always been.Very often, these good women gave much more than a psychologist, teacher and tutor together.Today you can become a professional nurse, having trained in a special agency.But who is to say with certainty what the nurse better with or without a diploma.Because the nurse - it's more a calling than a profession.Age, intelligence, education, experience does not matter.In the family, the status of "automatic" can not be obtained, it must be earned.In the truest sense of the word.

In fact, each hiring a nanny, wants somehow to insure, secure reciprocal obligations.Omitting all the legal subtleties, we can reduce the variety of contracts when hiring a nanny to two kinds.All of them focus on the end result - caring for the child.The first - a civilian, its filling does not require effort and time.Typically, such contracts are concluded by the agency.Less of that there can not be all the obligations stipulated babysitting.Another contract - employment.Individuals, legally speaking, the right to conclude contracts as an employer to meet personal needs.Nurses are lost - 13% income tax, but instead acquire social security worker.That contract nurse can protect yourself from many troubles.

Very good when the baby sitter and match each other in temperament, or if they wanted the nurse did not achieve mutual understanding.On spontaneous labor market is often the nurse enters the category of "workers."From the nurse-educator of the child's parents need not only to care for the baby, but also its development and education.A person embarking on this work, should be ready for the fact that he will gain prestige, to show himself a specialist to whom heard.In short, starting to work as a nanny, you have to be prepared for the fact that you will learn, put in place, often referring to the nurse, not as a man but as a woman of "service."Not enough nurse flexibility and tact in communicating the work does not take place.To adapt to the "life" of a new family is the responsibility of babysitting.Well, if the baby's parents will be able to offer nurse their demands.Much worse when the rules of education in the family is not.If the foundations of the family do not suit you, it is better to leave this house.Adult you do not change, and the baby will suffer between two fires.

It is important that the nurse and the parents looked at life about the same.Then for two weeks trial nurse can find an approach to the child.No prior appointment is not to replace human interaction.You can sum up every month baby education, building relationships with their parents on trust.This will help in the future claim to the family with a child, it is better to know in advance about his habits, moods, favorite games, books, cravings, in short, everything that he loves and hates.

And more.A few tips for those who agree to work as a nanny.Everything that happens in a family, there should not be a subject of conversation with strangers.You should not be excessive curiosity about private life of employers.Case nanny - child's health and education.Do not forget that the peaceful atmosphere in the house is favorable for the child and for the parents.All questions are best addressed with their employers easily and without much ambition.]