Man and woman

Why do women cry?

Women's tears - this weapon and protection.Tears women can trample a man in a stupor, annoying, maddening, attract.Women have learned to skillfully use this weapon by nature.But not just as a woman crying?

Oddly, but increased tearfulness beautiful half of humanity, as compared to the male population has dry and physiological explanation.The woman's blood contains the hormone prolactin, it's the responsible and the secretion of tears, and, interestingly, for the formation of milk during breast-feeding a baby.Men also have the hormone testosterone, which resists tears preventing tear fluid to accumulate.

From childhood, we often say: "Cry, cry, feel better!" Tears - is not only psychological relief, but a scientifically based process of cleansing the body.The chemical composition of tears differs by the presence of stress hormones.It stands out particularly clearly in the tense moments of life, when a person is full of emotions, be it negative feelings or positive feelings.Tears

human body toxins, which are produced under stress and strain.Cried a man settles down.

Women can cry because without just the female essence in itself it involves emotional experiences and the special susceptibility of everything that happens.Traditionally, a woman - a homemakers, who worried about the children, husband, family and friends.It does not remain indifferent to anybody, neither to the people nor animals, nor the suffering, nor healthy.

In fact, the nature of God and the woman given such tremendous force that sometimes it just overwhelms her, and the woman bursts into tears.She is ready to constantly fall and get up, go ahead, while maintaining and protecting loved ones.The woman is not important her personal worth, it should always be necessary for someone, and it gives her selfless love and care for others, loves and cherishes her children, whatever they were, even if they are ungrateful to her.

accepted that women - is the weaker sex, but in reality it is a woman, gentle, affectionate, wise, sometimes quick-tempered and sometimes overly sentimental, is a pillar of the man, his confidence in life.By creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the family, the woman supports a man, assures him of the importance and relevance, love and security.Sometimes women are offended by the lack of attention of his men, his coldness and greed emotions.It's a shame to tears.And the women are crying.But despite its shortcomings, its aggressiveness and lack of attention of men, women are waiting for them and love, sincerely and faithfully.

Women cry when they do something wrong, and in moments when it seems that the whole world is against them.A crying injustice and resentment.When a homeless kitten or puppy in front of a woman appear tears of pity, but at heart - the desire to embrace and protect the world.

Sometimes women overly sentimental, but if it were not so, the whole world would be cruel and warlike.Romanticism and childish innocence softens the hearts of men women, awakens in them the desire to take care of a woman, to protect and preserve it.

And, of course, women are crying for joy.They are so close and very experienced any feelings that it is not enough just smile or laugh.A woman can burst into tears at the moment of supreme happiness, and the man did not understand.

So if your favorite, mother or daughter is crying, do not shout at her, saying that she was weak and limp, and her pity, sympathize with, if it's tears of frustration or pain, or rejoice with her.

And just understand.Anyway.

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