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Bridal Suite, or how to prepare for the celebration?

Wedding - one of the special, significant events in human life.Of course, I want to make this day was the happiest and most memorable.After all, real wedding is most often a once in a lifetime.The preparation for the wedding ceremony became pleasant troubles, it is necessary to organize and advance to think through all the details of the upcoming celebration.After all, the correct organization of the festival - the key to success!

every girl's dream - a white wedding dress , the main attribute of the celebration.Traditionally, the white dress is associated with purity and innocence.However, the modern bride can choose wedding dress from pale lilac to radically red, choose the length of skirts to the floor, lavish or having slim silhouette or stay at the little white dress.The wedding dress can be bought, rented or sew.

The bride wedding salon offers jewelry, gloves, handbags and other accessories, which can also be rented.However, the veil is traditionally buy and leave a souve

s even veils is inherited.Gloves also often buy.We should not forget that the gloves are suitable for high-corsages dress with bare shoulders and back.Gloves of medium length, up to the elbow, visually full hand, and small, on the contrary, hudyat and lengthen.

Shoes advisable to pick up the bride dress fitting to adjust the length of the skirt to the height of the heel.Also in the bridal salon can be purchased boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses, towels, ribbons and rings to decorate a wedding convoy, invitations to guests.By the way, about referrals: it is necessary to take care of their delivery to the addressee at least one month before an important event.

In the old-dress bride was given a lot of attention, and rightly thought, if it was a wedding wardrobe of something old, something new, something blue and rent.Old thing, but it was a gift from a mother, for example, the ring symbolized wisdom in marriage.New, for example, underwear (because every bride wants to be the most-most is not only the wedding day, but on their wedding night), symbolizes the new status of the future wife.Blue signifies love and fidelity.A debt take any thing a married woman, a happy marriage, with the blessing of a good family life.

Choice suit groom - is also very important thing.You've got to pay attention to the quality of the fabric, to take into account when selecting the color of eyes and hair, all the nuances of body.In contrast to the bride, her groom's suit can enjoy after the wedding.When you select one of the few ornaments in the men's room, tie or butterfly, it is important to bear in mind that dress the bride and groom's suit should be combined.You can pick up showy cufflinks and tie clips, buy a belt, shoes, attach the buttonhole of fresh or artificial flowers in the buttonhole.But a shirt, for it is the custom, the groom gives the bride.

Another important detail in the image of a bride - hairstyle and makeup .It is best left to professionals, salon, or call the master at home.It is recommended to agree on a trial wedding hair and make-up rehearsals to get rid of extra excitement of the wedding day, because views on the image of the bride you and stylist may vary.And do not forget the manicure and pedicure!

groom must also take care of their hairstyle.Visit his master recommended at least a week or two before the wedding.

marriage is an integral attribute wedding rings .It all depends on the imagination and possibilities.The choice is great: from the simple gold ring to ring, inlaid with precious stones.You can use the services of engraving workshop and make a commemorative inscription on the inside of the jewelry.

Rings usually buys the groom, as well as the bridal bouquet for the bride .Bouquet is usually chosen in delicate white and pink colors: white symbolizes purity, and pink - youth.Bouquet also has color and shape in harmony with the dress of the bride, not be heavy and does not have a strong smell.

If the wedding is planned on a grand scale, then no hall rental not do.Start searching premises must first, immediately after application.Typically, cafes and restaurants booked three months in advance.Speak in advance menu and a list of products that you can bring with you - fruits, alcohol, meats.Consider room decoration.Discuss the availability of musical instruments, and the time which is allowed to make a noise and start the fireworks.This is true if there is a banquet hall near the houses.

What a holiday without a leading?Good toastmaster - half the battle.From his experience, ability to improvise and measure all depends on the mood of celebration and not just newlyweds, but also the guests.Toastmasters is better to choose for recommendation.However, if you like leading to the wedding of friends and you have decided to make it the leading of your wedding, make sure that the script will be different than at the wedding of friends.It is unlikely that guests will enjoy the familiar contests and jokes.

And, of course, after marriage should remain the memory of this important day.It's so cool to show the video to their children and the whole family to consider wedding album.Be careful when choosing photographer and videographer , because reshoot own wedding is unlikely.Ideal if the photo and video will perform two different people.Pay attention to the equipment, ask the portfolio.During video playback, note the picture and sound quality, as well as specify how long processing takes photos and videos, and the form in which you give your footage.And the wedding day do not forget to smile!After all, you are happy!

A few days before the wedding to be ordered wedding loaf and wedding cake .Loaf - not only beautiful eve banquet, but also a symbol of happiness, prosperity and abundance.With a loaf on rushnyk meets young mother of the groom and the bride's father brings champagne.Newlyweds bite or pinch off a piece from the loaf and comparing who has a piece of more define who will be the head of the house.The remaining loaf of young guests and handed out so share with them their happiness.Wedding cake - the original and the final triumph of magic.Newlyweds together cut it and treat all guests.By tradition, the first piece is intended bride, and the second piece - the groom.

sure to discuss the route of a walk after the registrar's office, if it is not walking the walk, do not forget about the truck and count the number of seats for guests.Take the road small sandwiches, wrapped individually, sweets, chilled champagne, and do not forget the napkins and cups.Write

possible scenario of the wedding, consider all the little things that you need.The groom must be prepared for the unexpected and stock sweets, champagne, coins for the bride price.It is a fun tradition and he has to endure all the trials that have prepared bridesmaids.

Prepare wheat, small coins, candy, rose petals - all that will be sprinkled with the newlyweds at the exit from the registrar's office, and at a meeting with parents.Do not forget to take the ring to the registrar, passports, towel, glasses.Also, you may need cosmetic to correct makeup, white or any other color of the thread with a needle, scissors, a sponge for shoes, handkerchief.Think, for what music would you like to perform their first dance of the newlyweds.Take care of everything in advance to the wedding day experience the excitement only on pleasant emotions and feelings.Take the preparation of the festival with love!

Finally, I would like to wish all the lovers left unforgettable impressions about this wonderful day for a lifetime!And you might want to celebrate their golden wedding at the same location with the same guests ...

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