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What is the "white fire"?

term "white fire" was not invented by accident.In the villages of these "fires" destroyed more homes than from conventional fire.Because of what the house that was 50 years and was seemingly strong and durable, sprawled in the dust literally for three years?And it is not as simple as it seems, and the culprits - here they are: brownies mushrooms.

Brownie comes from a family of mushroom tinder and settles on a dead tree.Unfortunately for us this kind of fungus likes to choose our private house for residence.The worst thing is that he, in fact, do not need favorable conditions for survival.These fungi feel well in wet conditions, stuffiness, lack of light.The most frequently chosen for the place of settlement dark and stuffy basements and cellars.

worth noting that if such Mushroom settle you on the beams, it will lead to the fall of the house.

Define this mushroom is not very difficult.Initially, this silver wreath, like something on the web, but later it gets ashy color and

Penetrating into the cracks of wood, fungus begins its destructive action.
smell of rotting, suppose all of us know.

Ways to combat this kind of disaster are obvious.Damaged wood fungus can not be restored - it should be burned.If you put good wood next to the infected, the fungus for a couple of days spread to her.

Remember spores can travel even to yourself, that is,on your clothes, tools.After work on the destruction of the fungus wash clothes, wash tools.

Like any other infection, the fungus is afraid of the light and dryness.Therefore, dry board - a pledge that they do not grow.Well skvoznyachki always been useful for the prevention against such problems.Different chemicals from house-mushroom has not yet been invented.Each experiment is at your own risk.

And finally.The sooner you notice a fungus, the faster start to act.It is better to replace a couple of boards, than a couple of years to build up a new home.

Protect your home!In Europe alone, losses of white fire, there are millions ... What can we say about our domain, where losses are counted in the main we are?

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