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What is milk?

¬ęDrink, children, milk, be healthy!" The words of this song are known to all.Indeed, milk accompanies us from infancy to old age.This primarily refers to cow's milk, because it is the most widespread.

And what is more milk?People do not only milked cows and mares, goats, sheep, camels and deer, buffalo and donkeys, yaks and zebu females.

By composition of milk proteins can be divided into two groups: casein (cow, goat, sheep), where 75% of the protein is casein and albumin (mare, deer, donkey).When fermenting milk casein derived products with thick dense texture.But albumin from milk dairy products remain liquid.

Milk cows

normalized in a glass of milk contains 5.7 g of fat, 6 grams of protein and 9 grams of milk sugar - lactose.And what about those who have lactose intolerance?For example, people in Africa and Asia, often lack lactase - the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar.Then they can take milk products, in which lactose is virtually absent.Milk is rich in calcium he

of osteoporosis.For example, a piece of cheese, about 50 grams, and a pint of milk cover our daily need for calcium.

sheep milk

this milk fat 2.5 times greater than in milk cows.It is drunk fresh or processed into various types of cheese or yogurt.In the Caucasus, made from sheep's milk cheese, pickle prepare wonderful.The specific taste of milk give caprylic and caproic acid.These acids in sheep milk is several times greater than in cows.

mare's milk

This milk is the closest in composition to the female.It also contains 6% of milk sugar.The fat fraction is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.The protein fraction rich in albumin and globulins, whereby it does not form in the stomach of a baby cheesy dense clot as cow.It is well absorbed and does not cause ill effects.

Basically mare's milk is used to produce koumiss.At the time, mare was the main and only treatment for tuberculosis.In 1858, Russian scientist and physician N. Postnikov organized kumysolechebnitsu.

Milk goats

terms of composition and nutritional value of goat's milk is close to the cows.In it a little less lactose.And most unsaturated fatty acids.It is easier to digest than cow's milk.Goat milk is often used as the basis for child nutrition and how therapeutic and prophylactic products.


Cannes Cannes - is an antelope that lives in Africa.Domesticate these animals.Milk contains eland compared to cow's milk threefold amount of fat and protein.Milk Cannes has unique antibacterial properties.Sour from it can stand at room temperature for a year and did not spoil.

milk also called some drinks plant.


drink from soybeans in appearance resembles a cow's milk.The taste of his sweet, little bean.The beaker soymilk contained 7 g of protein and 20 mg of isoflavones.Skvashivaya soy milk with different starter cultures may be obtained fermented soy beverages: kefir, yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk.On the palate, they are no different from products made from cow's milk.Also from soy milk make tofu.Homeland soy milk is considered to be Asia.

Coconut milk in the coconut 2 kg contains about 0.5 liters of fluid sweetish.It contains about 3% fat, 6% sugar, and about 4% protein.But self coconut milk made from coconut pulp, mixing it with water.The consistency is reminiscent of white cream and contains 27% fat.Coconut milk is preparing a variety of dishes of Oriental cuisine.

Milk cow tree

This vegetable milk inhabitants of South America "milked" of the cuts on the trunks of tropical trees - galaktodendronov.This latex is used not only in food but also as a remedy for asthma.But this milk quickly spoils.

Trees brosimum kind of mulberry family, too, are dairy trees.Juice them thicker than present milk, and did not spoil.

Rice milk

Cook can be at home.0.5 cups of rice to boil in 4 cups of water to a full soft to taste, you can add vanilla and cinnamon.Cool, grind in a blender, let stand and strain through cheesecloth.This milk is rich in fiber, calcium, vitamins.

Cedar milk

The cedar more milk fat, phosphorus, manganese, protein and minerals than cow.The nucleoli of dried nuts in the oven ground in a mortar, gradually adding hot water slurry is poured into the pot, and in the Russian stove was brought to a boil.Obtained cedar cream.If they add boiled water, get cedar milk.


Poppy Poppy milk - the champion on the content of calcium, it is rich in fat.In Russia during fasts on it cooked cereal, pancakes, pies.Now it found that milk contains no poppy opium alkaloids.Mix in a blender 3/4 cup poppy, two glasses of water and a tablespoon of honey.Strain through cheesecloth and squeeze.Such a drink nutty, slightly coffee flavor.

Pumpkin milk

It has a lot of iron and zinc, and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and protein.

Mix in a blender cup peeled pumpkin seeds (previously better soak them for a few hours), two cups of water, a few dates, vanilla.Strain through cheesecloth and squeeze.The taste of this milk gently spicy.

Oat milk

contains fiber, a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids.

Pour a glass of oatmeal with three cups of water, add 0.5 teaspoons of miso paste.Stir and leave to infuse overnight.In the morning, mix again in a blender if you like, add the vanilla, cinnamon, lime zest, strain and milk ready.

Almond milk

It has a lot of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, folic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and zinc.

Mix in a blender cup almonds (previously it to soak for five to six hours or overnight, then pour boiling water to quickly clear the kernel), two cups of water, a teaspoon of vanilla and honey.Strain through cheesecloth, wring out, drink chilled.Taste of milk cream and almond.

Very nice breakfast drink a cup of coffee with almond milk or poppy.

without milk and dairy products is actually impossible to provide an adequate supply of bone vital element - calcium.Per liter of milk is 1200 mg of the element.Calcium contained in plants, much worse absorbed by the body, and our need for it is impossible to cover the vegetables, fruits and milk imitations of plants.So, drink natural milk and be healthy!

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