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The glorious pages brewing: unfiltered wheat.

Wheat beer - a very original variety of popular intoxicating drink.What is famous for, where there was and why you should definitely give it a try - tell a respected beer blogger and expert site www.beercult.ru Nikita Filippov.

What is wheat beer and where they come from?

To begin with, it is top-fermented beer.Hence, it is by definition older than the majority of known varieties in Europe.You can definitely say that in the Middle Ages, it had already been distributed - in what is now Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (Flanders).

By definition distinguishes this beer use wheat malt and some opacity due to the peculiarities of production (beverage clouding cause yeast and wheat proteins).

known whether the author of this beer is there any legend of its origin?

When it comes to events so long, any information will look like a legend.The authorship of this beer set historically, of course, impossible.But the first commercially brewed wheat beer brewery Schneider produce

led Schneider Weiße.

beer brewed in the territory of present-day Germany has 1,000 years ago - from a variety of cereals, from different malts: barley, wheat, and the cheapest and most accessible to commoners - oatmeal ("nepremialnogo" variety).In the Middle Ages the most part the beer was a dark shade.Wheat beer light.It looked spectacular, high-end, it was more expensive and less accessible parts of the population.

Wheat beer brewed around the world on a single technology or have any direction, the school?

There are two distinct traditions of production of this beer.The most famous and popular German school - Vaytsenbir (Weizen - German wheat) with the content of 35-50% wheat malt.The rest of the - is barley malt, as in a normal beer.

second direction - Flemish.In Flanders, Belgium and the Netherlands is a beer called Witbier (the same as the German Weißbier - white beer).In the French-speaking part of the country - la Bière Blanche.Wheat malt is taken in a larger proportion - 50-70%, even unmalted wheat used (which does not happen in the "proper" German beer) and spices - orange peel and coriander.Spices - the legacy of the Middle Ages.Hop had not yet been distributed here, and beer flavored with spices to improve the taste.

We have representatives on the market in both directions.There are varieties that are very close to the German wheat, for example, "Baltika №8 Wheat."There are varieties representing the Flemish school.This is, first and foremost, "Kronenburg Blanc» (Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc) and "Hoegaarden» (Hoegaarden).And in fact, and in another there is orange peel, coriander, a high content of wheat malt and unmalted wheat.

occurs and very little-known in our latitudes variety - sour varieties of wheat beer.For example, so-called Berliner Weisse (Berliner Weiße) in Germany - it is fermented by yeast in symbiosis with lactic acid bacteria.It is a drink with a very low alcohol content (2.5-3%) and very, very sour.In summer, in the heat in Berlin street cafés can see people drinking from the cup of whiskey something bright red or bright green - this beer is flavored with tarragon and raspberry syrup.

Why not filtered wheat beer?

If we remove the yeast from the beer, we lose much of the flavor of yeast and the products that the yeast form, carry them to the surface.«Kristallweizen» - clear wheat beer in Bavaria - usually served with a slice of lemon to enrich simple aromatics drink, give a refreshing taste.

«Hefeweizen» - unfiltered wheat beer yeast - with lemon served rare because it is intrinsically valuable, it has its own multi-faceted wealth of interesting tastes range from pinks to banana, lemon and it is absolutely not necessary.

This particular beer is a drink in a special way?Form glasses affect the taste?

for wheat varieties using a well-established form of glass - with a massive heavy bottomed, narrow in the middle, but flared up, spheres.So froth (it in this beer is very, very thick) is kept stable, more lasting aroma is preserved.Clink a glass of beer so no upper small spherical part and the lower, heavy bottomed, with a characteristic sound.

Despite the fact that most experienced beer drinkers insist on the use of beer at room temperature, wheat beer, to experience the charm of the drink, drink a cold.

The snack wheat beer, and is it worth?

terms of beer cooking, any good beer worth and no garnish, in principle, does not require.But if we want something to eat wheat beer - probably should take the example of the peoples, professional consume beer last 500-700 years, the same Germans.

Wheat beer is quite spicy, and requires appropriate smoked meat with a bone: pork knee, ribs, etc.It is smoked, fried, stewed and baked - the legendary Bavarian aysban, pork knuckle.This is optimal, so the beer will quench their thirst and in harmony with the taste of food.But the classic snacks designed for beer, for wheat is not very suitable.Boiled beef on the background seem too fresh.

What are the most honored brand ...

At the international level, the most awards received by German wheat varieties - Weihenstephan, Schneider, Maisel, Tucher - actually city-forming brewery.Many of them more than 500 years.As the founders of the traditions and trendsetters on their old factories verified recipes they brew beer, which is a model for most international beer tasting competitions and festivals.

Meanwhile, in recent years, almost every home in the US mini brewery produces a variation of wheat beer, or very similar to the German or the Flemish prototypes and often they overlap.

And there are some well-deserved brand in our country?

there, though the tradition of brewing wheat and not very long.For 10 years the "Baltika №8» gained popularity in professional circles.In the opinion of experts of the German brewers, it is very similar to the type of beer Franconia - Nuremberg sort brewery Tucher.This is a very pleasant and flattering comparison, confirmed already received awards.

As judges evaluate beer competitions?Does their approach in light of the political situation as at film festivals?

This analogy is totally incorrect.Professional tasting of beer goes on a blind test, it is impossible to film festivals.Members of the jury (30 judges) at the time of grading methods in their have no idea nor the name, nor the country, nor manufacturing companies.The sum of all estimates committee is to offset the potential medal.The result is as objective as possible, and the political implications are excluded.In recent years, the traditional categories of wheat beer highest places are often occupied nebavarskie grades - Ukrainian, Russian, American, Japanese, etc.

«Baltika №8» - so much merit and medals!Our wheat beer is better than a German?

I can say that, first of all, at least not worse.Secondly, it is an opportunity to try the traditional German beer without going to do in Germany.Any beer is good in the place of consumption.German wheat beer is good to drink when you are in Germany.Especially when in Southern Germany sunrise season - when you feel that this is a country pub - all around you people sit for a beer with their entire families, festivals and competitions.And he returned to Russia, having the desire to try a wheat beer - we always have the opportunity.

And it's probably a good thing ...

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