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Who is Mary Poppins?

last time we left Pamela Lyndon Tevers in 1934 when her book about Mary Poppins, was completed.It only remained to find the artist.Originally planned for the role he Ernest Howard Shepard, already famous for his illustrations for the "Winnie the Pooh".But he was busy and refused.However, the name of Shepard still appeared on the cover of "Mary Poppins."Illustrator of fairy tales became a young daughter of the artist - Mary.

biggest controversy raged around the image of the heroine.And then Travers pointed graceful Dutch porcelain doll - they say, that's what should be Poppins.Today, this doll is located in New York's Donnell Library, and it really is a lot like the description from the book of fairy nanny (shiny black hair, slender figure, big feet and hands and small blue eyes).Subsequently

artist and writer became friends.Travers insisted that her book about Poppins out only with black and white illustrations by Mary Shepard.

With regard to the first edition of the fa

ished in the spring of 1934.The name of the author on the cover indicated in abbreviated form - "P.L. Travers. "This is a fairly common Publishing course, the purpose of which - not to scare the boys from the book (the same happened with the "Harry Potter", initially signed "J.. Rowling").

PL Travers:
«I decided not to stick on this label because of sentimentality and signed initials, in the hope that people will not have any business before you book written by a man, a woman or a kangaroo.... Girls are always asking, "What is your favorite color?" Or "How did you start writing books?", And the boys care about the essence of things. "

Interestingly, the first publisher of fairy tale became the adopted son of another English storyteller James Barry - the same Peter, who gave his name to the famous ageless boy.It is interesting because Travers always recognized that wrote "Mary Poppins" greatly influenced by the book Peter Pan.In both tales, the reader vividly and visibly appeared as a conflict of childhood and growing up.Only Barry the conflict and remains unresolved: Peng forever remain a boy and grown-up Wendy forgets about it.

Travers resolves the same problem a very original way.The magical worldview inherent in childhood, remains forever in Mary Poppins, but it is good to hide under the puritanical shell of an adult woman - sometimes deliberately adult.As befits a respectable nurse, Mary apparently strict and conservative.All inquiries or children she snorts, or of general phrases: «Many will know - soon grow old," "I'm not an encyclopedia," "The fact there are reasons", "another word, and I ...» .

However, this impregnable façade real sorceress.Not once noticed that Poppins never works wonders openly neither casts or waving a magic wand.Miracles, as it were, are beginning to happen in any place where it appears.In addition, all of a sudden it turns out that behind the doors of respectable Vishneva streets often hiding some strange characters: whether Mr. Wigg that laughter starts to fly, or Miss Corey with her daughters-giantess that can be glued directly to the stars of the sky.At the same time Mary Poppins insisted (and even offended) denies any involvement in the ongoing miracles.

Receiving this, I must say, is not new.For example, we can recall the doubly reality of "The Nutcracker" Hoffmann (primarily, the two-faced Uncle Drosselmeyer).Or the famous English eccentricity - as a mirror image of the English stiffness.The latter clearly reflected in the national folklore, and then in a nonsense E. Lear and Lewis Carroll.No wonder in a fairy tale Travers so many folk characters - whether it's a cat looking at a king, or a cow, doprygnuvshaya the stars (it can be found even in the song the hobbit Frodo in "Lord of the Rings" JRR Tolkien).And many miracles quite in the spirit of the English eccentric Miss Corey breaks off at two fingers, which are sweets, fish people catch the bait, solid citizens Vishneva streets suddenly begin to fly on a ball or ride a candy cane.

PL Travers:
«Without the usual may not be unusual and supernatural hidden in the natural.To fly, you need to push off from something lasting ... When flying fairy or Peter Pan, we are not surprised by this.When Mary Poppins flies - it is stunning, the absurdity of this picture, and it creates the magic. "

The fact that the main character of the fairy tale became a nanny, is not surprising.It is strange that this has not happened before.The fact that many children in the old days the white families were the rule rather than the exception.Therefore, the impact of the nurse in the first stage of raising children were often stronger than the influence of parents.However, for the Banks family find a babysitter is not easy, because events occur in unfavorable tales the banking crisis.No wonder Mr. Banks said to his wife: "Choose, my dear, one of two things: either clean, pretty, brand new house or four children.Ensure you both, I can not. "

Tale Travers earned a huge success not only in girls and boys, but also for adult readers, what the writer was unspeakably happy.

Indeed, every adventure that children experience with Mary Poppins, a kind of parable, or a spiritual lesson - sometimes is not for children: «Nothing is eternal.Everything good comes to an end » or « Snake and the child, stone and star - we are all one ».

PLTravers 'Mary Poppins' lane.B. Zakhoder:

- Once they understand everything, - said Mary Poppins, putting her nightgown Jane.

- How?- John and the chorus responded Barbie badly surprised.- Really?You want to say - they knew Starling, and the wind, and ...

- And the trees, and the tongue of sunlight and stars - yes, yes, exactly.Once upon a time, - said Mary Poppins.

- But why did they have forgotten all this? ..

- Because they are older, - explained to Mary Poppins.

- ... There is not one person who would be remembered after he turns at most a year.Except, of course, her.- He pointed beak on Mary Poppins.- ... It is not like the others.She - a rare exception.It is out of the competition!

PL Travers:
«My teacher of Zen, with which I have been doing for a long time, said that all the stories about Mary Poppins - is an extract of Zen stories."

not surprising that after a while there are suspicious people who recall fascination with the occult writer.So in 1995, the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" will publish a sensational article under the title "It is true that Mary Poppins - is Satan?".Needless to say that if you want Satanism can be found in any fairy tale?

But it would be foolish to deny the fact that the tale Travers is definitely reflect her worldview.Here are just a worldview is formed for a long time.It is reasonable to say that "Mary Poppins" and esoteric fascination originate in one source - a sense of wonder and mystery that hides seemingly everyday world.In addition, the best stories are born by themselves, and are not written as a sermon.Generally, awareness and evaluation take place after the event, and everyone is free to find in the tales of their own.

Among the many letters to children who come to the writer, was a lot like this: «Madame, you are sent away Mary Poppins.That I'll never forgive you!You made all the children cry! ". Therefore in 1935 Travers wrote the continuation of "Mary Poppins comes back."

However, it turned out that the story is not over fabulous babysitting.In the following article you will find the story of how Disney fought for the right to film "Mary Poppins."

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