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How to forget about your business?

Internet is full of articles on how to start and develop your business.Every second runetchiki People describe you all the details and "pitfalls" online business.But I do not know anyone who would be taught how to throw a business out of your head.

Do not rush to jump up and indignantly accused the author of the loser syndrome.I do not want to talk about how to give up favorite thing started and how to learn to relax him.

'll show by example.

Over the past year and a half, I tried many ways to make money in search of his, his hobbies.Registered in the couple dozen affiliate programs, three network companies, created 7 sites, 5 of which have long been abandoned and every time repeated the same thing: as soon as I start working on a new project - in the head there is a lot of ideas about how and whatYou can do, how to do it better and then - even better.And there is no end.I fall asleep - with some ideas, I wake up with the others.I live in their ideas, as in a dream.


hand the idea - a useful thing, and without them it is impossible.On the other hand, when the ideas begin to substitute for reality, when you walk down the street and instead of beauty of heaven and earth you see the main page of your site ... everything is turned upside down, and instead served the idea of ​​life - life is ideas.You

it happens?

If yes - you will not be in vain started reading this article.

should be able to disable its generator of ideas.One way - to write down all the ideas in a special notebook, so if necessary you can always go back to them.This method has more useful side effect.Furthermore, the idea persists in material form, as a record in a notebook, it also frees your head for a new one.

For example, if I have an interesting idea and there is no opportunity, or too lazy to write it - it will continue spinning in my head.And when it joins the second, then the third - the mind will be on their toes all the time, will think how not to forget this, this and that is.All the attention instead to be directed at what I'm doing at the moment - jumps between ideas from one to another.As a result - there is no sense neither there nor here.The simple idea of ​​saving a pad calms the mind, "all is well, the idea is not going anywhere, you can relax" A good way, but not the only one.

there a way to a much more ancient, tried and effective.Probably all heard this word - "meditation."But few can say exactly what is under it have in mind.Some would say that it is - a state of trance.Someone - cite any definition from the Internet.

I want to tell you about meditation Sahaja Yoga.According to this doctrine meditation is that state in which man frees the mind from thoughts while concentrating his attention on his head (the region of 5-15 cm. Above the fontanel bone, the top of the head).It is this kind of meditation is most safe for the beginner and at the same time brings the maximum benefit.With it there is no "third eye opening" and other extraneous things This is a very simple technique.How is it done?

You do not need anything - not knotted or read mantras in Sanskrit, or light sticks of sandalwood.We just need a quiet secluded place where no one would disturb you, and you would feel comfortable.For example, my own room, or your favorite place somewhere in the countryside.

can meditate and standing, but sitting - more convenient.The best option - sitting on the floor or on the ground - if conditions allow.

So, you have come to your cozy place sure you do not hurt anybody, sit down comfortably.Well, if your back is as straight as possible.
Now close your eyes, relax, point your attention to the area above the head and begin to observe yourself, your thoughts and feelings.At the same time attention should be all the same - over the head.

important to remember that your task - not to fall asleep.In meditation, you have to be awake but relaxed.

In this state immediately obvious all the thoughts that appear in the rest of the time just a background.Now you do not need to chase every thought, to evaluate them or chase.Just watch them - that the idea came to twist in the head and left.Be as an outside observer.If you come any, even the most interesting idea - do not be distracted by trying to write down or remember it.This can be done later.Be sure - you will not forget it, in meditation memory captures everything very clearly.

Try to focus not go away after thoughts.If it is lost and you have found it - return it back into place and keep watching.

After a while you will find that thought ran out and it is - a very pleasant and happy state - the state of thoughtless awareness.This state - Travel all drugs combined.At such moments, all our systems are configured for optimal performance.All bodies relax and allow the body to heal itself.For half an hour of meditation can be a good rest, both from full sleep.

And as you know, rested people - cheerful and active person.

Have a nice holiday.