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How easy is it to earn advertising blog?

warn in advance: one to nothing call, references and leave your opinion - you start a blog for a living - there will be only yours.But after reading this article, you will calmly and exclamations, "Yes, I couple pieces of bucks a month ..." and hysterical "Tried to make money - a penny!" Just like there are very honest.But subjectively, yes.

information on earnings on your own blog sea.But if you look closely, every article refers to one of two categories.Either referral link (which immediately alarming: we are going to make profit!) Sing odes to the next organizer of the advertising campaigns, or spit - "Again bots advertising!»

And what, really?Is it easy to make your blog a source of income?

general ways to monetize a lot.Not all of them are equally useful for the blog as the site of his performance or for your readers.However, if you are concerned about the issue: "I have a blog and a few dozen online friends, readers, if I earn?" - You know the answer.

To begin, we n

on the Internet more and more.But what everyone wants to survive, and even better - to get money and enjoy his hobby.Writing?It turns out?Then you will sooner or later become interested in it for a reference at the end of each post, in some blogs ... And most importantly, "what I get for this."

long hours and seriously

Those who want to get big money delicious, engaged in their blogs over and over and seriously."PR" or "unwound", whichever is greater need.There are good indicators of the blog ( citation index in Yandex, page rank in Google) - will be "fat" advertisers, SEOs.Will public relations, interest, attendance - will have to write about all sorts of commodities, stocks, and generally arrange discreet product placement."I bought, you know, recently a laptop-so - a great thing!»

Such resources grows a huge audience, but it will have to try oh how.By hook or by crook.Change links, comment on each other, follow the news from the front of the search engines.Those, unfortunately, changing algorithms and generally doing what they want ... Olden readers comment: "pulverized, the rascal, writes about the breakfast ..." Solid hassle!

slowly and casually

all dream of a crane, but tit - she's here, honey.About it and talk.

If you have a stable job, calm life, but something a little bit is not enough - you can go to blogery- "gray troechniki."Login, pokommentirovat others, write your honest one post a day, or even forget to do it - that's all you have to do.But the special earnings can be expected.

have bloga- "nulevichka" with the audience and the minimum zero rates in the search engines, you can count on a legal couple of bucks a day.Maybe a little more.But time - almost zero, pleasure - weight, and after some time, a blog can "grow" in the performance.

not need to show sports scores, nervous because of the bad reviews advertiser about you - this is gone, another will come.In general, the path for the lazy.But you can be a little more tense in the main work second jobs or find a specialty - and it will certainly be much more profitable in the material sense than to mess with a blog or two ...

blog What approach?

Let's say you are blogging for a long time.Firstly, it is necessary to allow your inner sanctum everyone, not to hide records under lock and key, "just friends".And advertisers are now pereborlivye - at least two or three people have to come every day to your site.

It does not really matter whether you acquire own "standalone" blog or prefer an existing platform.

In the first case will have to buy a domain, to spend money on hosting, "hang up" and configure content management system (CMS, at least the same Wordpress, designed specifically for blogs).But it will be your own boss.But you will chase each visitor - Come to me, come!

second - create a new blog on a free platform to find friends, "friended" them and write.But be prepared that the rules suddenly changed, and advertising will be punishable.Until the closing of your cozy blog for violating the agreement.And how!The owners also want you earn.

Tiring vs interesting

If chasing money, then you can die over the net blogs, their promotion and implementation of promotional tasks.To be honest, the goal was not intended to make, but for the year of monetization dripped "thirteenth" salary.And each time wondered, earnings are small, but so nice to pay for mobile electronic money, pay online, or to make an unplanned shopping.Time on the blog took an average of 10 minutes a day.

Yet income - not the main thing.It so happened that I wrote "for the number of pages" that has become painful.What is unclear and needs to be discussed - and it seems that no one.Someone read and commented.In kind, sincere.I accidentally started a pleasant acquaintance, and now I write these lines, when "a guy from Learn" sleeping in the next room.

And if not for the money, for which I was chased, who knows, if I wrote in your blog once a year?How much fun I would have missed because of this, many lovely discoveries and spiritual conversations "between us girls?"

So make it easy on the blog.The main thing - to know how and why.How much are you willing to give strength to his offspring, and why you need it.The fame, the pursuit of "easy money" or communion, for which pay - what do you choose?

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