For cats that are paying royalties?

Many noticed that in recent years the screens flashed some reason the same person wandering from the series in the series, from the tape in the tape, close-knit team.Among them are the wives and children of celebrities, their children and their wives, relatives, friends and acquaintances.Sometimes it may seem that the movie is not important talent and ability, and the support of the influential patron.

But there is a "reservoir" of actors, which will not help any, "paw", except for its own legs.It's about animals.To "break" in the film and the actors become real pussy, dogs and other animals need to show extraordinary ability.And the ability to perform complex tricks - not the most important.More importantly stress resistance and ability to communicate.

Our land is full of talent.How else to explain that among pets studio "Mosfilm cynologists" full of four-legged actors, to a movie simply "bummed" on the streets?The highest paid cat stunt studio named Kuzma little kitten was fou

re, beg for scraps sausage.

other star - a black cat was first seen by the audience in the thriller "Invisible Sign-2" movie to dwell in riveting shop aircraft factory.She is now no noise on the set of overweening and behind (or paws) more than a dozen films.The most demanded pussy studio.

with the cat in the movie to work hard.It affects independent.At any time, they can go about their business without paying any attention to the requirements of the director.With dogs easier.The dog - man's best friend, unless, of course, a delicious bone backed friendship and affection.The actor of the film "What did the dead" German mastiff Roma enjoyed it so much cinematic treat that eat at home at the time of filming, he flatly refused, and sat down in the morning at the door, waiting impatiently for return to work.

Husky named Blizzard in the series "The Border.Taiga novel "got the role of a wolf.According to the script, she was supposed to attack humans.Well, why should, say, a normal-bred dog will rush to people?Not without cheating, a movie, as you know, solid illusion.Actor lure Blizzard treat hidden in your pocket.

scene failed, and now Blizzard is very popular.In the past, in 2008 it has been 150 days of shooting.No Russian movie star, perhaps, can not boast of such a result.

Good work should be paid on merit.The average day of shooting the animal is estimated to be worth about $ 15.Honored and experienced pay more.The same Kuzma "worth" ten times more expensive.Day shooting of large predatory cats cost a thousand of the same contingent, but the elephant - two and a half.

working day animals is not limited to the Labor Code.But in practice it does not last more than four hours.Cats do not say "must".The four-legged actors get tired, and the most tempting treat is no longer in the interest of the former.

Like artists, the people, the animals, too, there are film festivals.Not so, of course, high-profile, but also carpeted, festival screenings, prizes and a photo shoot.In the spring of 2009 in Russia for the fourth time I was still the only festival in the world "Golden Fang", which deserved the contribution of animals in the development of art.Prizes this year went to the dogs, cats and even a wolf.And at the end of the ceremony all winners and nominees were invited to a banquet where everyone got a treat for the taste.

wish success to animals.