What should we bring love, happiness and prosperity, or what we know about butterflies?

good summer.The sun warms, life rages.Among the other amenities available to us in the warm season - an opportunity to enjoy "fluttering flowers" as poetically called butterflies.

Butterflies revered since ancient times.Among the Slavs and Scandinavians, they personified the purity of the soul, and were associated with the hearts of lovers.In Asia, dancing daytime insects symbolized the joy of love, and moths have seen souls of the dead visited the living world to protect people.

Seeing a butterfly - fortunately.Such a sign is, in Japan, where the butterfly - a symbol of the very best in human life.Myths and legends of the beautiful insect metamorphosis in their life cycle is at the majority of the peoples of the world.And no wonder, because the life of a butterfly with continuous reincarnations - as if our model of the world, where everything is constantly changing, but always remains the same.

Butterflies interested not only our ancestors.Admirers lightweight beauty reput

by the way, an entomologist by profession) and Mikhail Bulgakov, many other famous people.

The largest private collection of butterflies from more than two million copies managed to gather a rich man Walter Rothschild.After his death in 1937 the collection has taken a worthy place in the British Museum in London.

how to collect the Rothschild collection - I do not know, I can only imagine how much effort has been spent by entomologists around the world in pursuit of rare and beautiful, but fragile and short-lived creatures.In nature, some species of insects hardly meet with intact wings, because in the butterfly wings are not the work of art and a work tool, brittle and fragile.

Among these - pavlinoglazki Atlas , the largest butterfly with the Indonesian island of Java.The scope of its wings up to 29 centimeters, and the area of ​​400 square centimeters.Way through the leaves of the tree crowns, butterflies do not care about the safety of their ornaments, the wings have often frayed at the edges.

Another advantage of the Saturniidae - her silk.It is brown, hard and woolly, called fagarnym.In Taiwan, the empty cocoons solid Atlas used as purses.

today to assemble a collection much easier.The web is full of proposals for the sale of live butterflies.Vendors grow them in special farms and sold in shops, fair warning consumers that after the transfer of goods on hand, they do not assume any responsibility for the lives of insects.But is the beauty of it has ceased to be a beauty?

very rare butterfly in common parlance is called Scoop Yin-Yang , and in the Latin version - Speiredonia spectans .She comes from Indochina.According to legend, an unusual pattern on its wings suggested form of Taoist monads displaying the concept of male and female in all things.

Everyone knows about the existence of the blue bird of happiness.It is, however, no one has seen, in contrast to the blue Morpho butterfly Didus .South American Indians revere large blue butterfly as bringing happiness and good luck.Word of mouth is not transmitted some real stories, not the legend of how the butterfly of happiness chased away the disease.Hollywood even filmed a movie about it.

Translated from an Indian dialect sounds like the name of the butterfly « particle sky fell on the ground ».Bright blue flashes of insect wings in the green crown of foliage seen from a distance of over a kilometer.

One of the most beautiful butterflies in the world is a native of the African island of Madagascar Urania .Her wings shine with all the colors of the rainbow and are used by local people as decorations.Surprisingly, the wings do not have pigment Urania, shining bright color - the result of interference of light.

Another common name Urania Madakaskarskoy - butterfly love .It is believed that the butterfly mascot bound to attract the attention of a loved one.If the house is not enough material wealth, it is sure to bring a gold ptitsekrylka .

Love and Welfare.

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