The world around us

What looks like the political arena?

Millions of people every day from computer screens, televisions, mobile watching political developments.The Governments enter into contracts, negotiate, weave.Sometimes it seems that all this kind of nonsense, just a heap of events ... But is it worth to give in to this false impression?

Like it or not, and political battles every day affect our lives, whether we like it or not.The strength of the impact on the internal structure of the country is sometimes very dependent on the attitude of the population to the different events.Even neutral or indifferent attitude can change the world beyond recognition.Do not believe me?If not, then you, dear reader, obviously do not want to follow the world news.In principle, the mood is understandable, because so want to believe in a world without evil and evildoers, but from unbelief and evil villains are not going anywhere.

So what looks like the political arena?A comparison suggests itself.Modern political arena - is the "Wild West" wh

f the strong over the weak.It is not always and everywhere the case, but the analogy is closest to the truth.This situation is not new and it lasts much longer than two or three centuries.Each state should be trying to follow a dream, or follow (depending on options), only their own interests, and sometimes those interests coincide with the interests of other states.In the entire history of humanity at the same time only a few countries could pursue an independent political line.

If the number of independent players are always less than the total number of players, then what about those who do not have freedom of action to the full?The answer is simple and lies in plain view.He is supported by a banal subject of a big "chess" game.The fact that the peoples inhabiting the territory of any of the supporting countries, sometimes have a different opinion, can be silent.These "silent" for a relatively long history of the human world has been set.

It is obvious that in the modern world the measure of independence can not be the only one criterion of a huge number of add: strong army, stress the economy, support of the population, the availability of natural resources in a wide range of scientific and technological achievements at the high (even advanced) level,strong industrial and manufacturing base, and so on.Only a state with a majority of these qualities, can count on a more or less peaceful life.Others can only join one of the parties and hope for security guarantees from the "big brotherĀ» ...

But really playing up the position of the party members is so deplorable?Not at all, but a lot depends on the prevailing ideas of "Queen" (or "Big Brother") in relation to the players of the satellite.In fact, if you simplify, the only two such ideas: "to develop together", "develop due."It is this choice often depends on the fate of a small state.