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How to choose a sofa?

According to statistics, a sofa bought an average of one every nine years.In deciding to purchase, we visit different shops, considering the range, compare prices.How not to make the wrong choice?

First, be sure to sit on the model you like, and even try to lie down (sellers, really interested in the client, will not mind).

Second, if the sofa folding (and, most likely, and such you will buy), try several times to push it.You do not have of the ceremony with the mechanism, because you have you doing this operation more than one hundred times!

And never ask the seller a question: "A sofa on the springs or foam rubber?".Today, there is a foam, which is superior to the cheap spring blocks.But - all in good time.

Mn-i-yagky! ..

When buying upholstered furniture, sitting down on a sofa or chair, you should feel like the surface bends.Once you get up, it should quickly take an initial look.The main materials used for packing items of upholstered furniture - polyurethane fo


Polyurethane foam - one of the main and most common material for the manufacture of upholstered furniture and mattresses.

Hollofayber (synthetic down) - the new material offered as insulation and filler.This hollow, silicone emulsion treated fiber having a coil spring form.Elastic shrinking fiber structure is soft, has anti-allergic properties, does not absorb foreign odors, easily erased.

Periotek - non-woven fabric based on polyester fibers.Produced by vertically stacked fibers, which ensures high reversible deformation.

Definitely say which is better, it is difficult.It depends on your feelings - how your body pleasant one or another packing.

On models not argue

Sofa with wooden frame is very comfortable and perfectly complements both classical and modern bedroom or living room.Rather, it is the subject of decorating the room than a place to rest.Sit on it a little cramped - because of compactness, he received the second name "sofa for lovers."The armrests of the sofa this very quickly get dirty, so it's best to opt for dark or colorful upholstery.

Sofa "antique" has a high back and is very convenient.It is especially good at this couch leather upholstery, which over the years does not grow old, and gives your furniture a more respectable appearance.

Sofa couch does not have armrests and is very convenient for a short rest.Couch beneficial complement any contemporary interior.In addition, you can lie on it and relax.But for people suffering from back pain, such furniture is still not suitable.

a good rest at the telescope!

Any model starts with the sofa frame.Optimally, if it is made of wood.This wood should be well dried.Unseasoned framework will dry in your apartment, and the sofa thanks to this - to squeak.

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture is allowed and the use of DSP, but these elements are necessarily covered with a protective edge that does not emit harmful to human health formaldehyde resins.

Equally important SOFA "filling".The mechanism that allows you to turn the sofa into a bed, must be reliable and easy to use.Now apply a variety of different devices, but they are divided into three main groups, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Folding mechanism is of three kinds: book (nominated by half the seat and leans back back), "clamshell" (a mechanism which converts into a bed and under the seat) and pull-out.

most basic option - all the usual sofa book.Properly made "book" does not require additional space.

idea of ​​"clamshell" came when the upholstered furniture imported from abroad.It was a "guest" variants, which are not intended for everyday use;Now there are "enhanced clamshell" that you can use every day.They are equipped with a spring or foam mattress.

If you opted for the couch, cot, learn from what made "sleeper" prop folding mechanism.The most well-regarded support from Latin (this springy plate veneer, it is best if they are about 12), and it is desirable that the armor itself located across the bed.

most convenient is considered "withdrawable" option, called the "telescope".In these sofas from under the seat to make further plane, and the difference in height of two levels is compensated by pillows.The only "minus" - over time, the floor can ruin cheap wheels, so it is best to choose the wheels of rubber.

Tell me, what is your interior ...

Given the fact that 40% to 60% of the cost falls on the sofa upholstery, this issue should be given special attention.Carefully read the name and characteristics of the upholstery, then no dishonest seller will not you podsunet Nursery usual flock of crazy price.

So, the main types of upholstery:

Jacquard - material with a high density of yarn per unit area.The most durable among the woven fabrics, well-kept image.

Chenille - plain textiles, the structure of which consists of fluffy yarn.Easy to clean and almost no stretch.Since it is easy to remove any stains with methyl alcohol or vinegar.

Velour - soft velvety fabric with split hair.Velor basis of polyethylene fiber.Easy to clean.The only downside - predisposition to abrasion.

Cotton - lightweight natural fabrics, many possible color options.The most eco-friendly material, but easily crumpled and quickly wear out.

Flock - fleecy fabric on the adhesive-based, soft, this material can not be cleaned alcohol compositions can not be dry-washing.Material strongly electrified and attract dust.

Mikrofayber - view Flok fabrics.It is an artificial suede, does not require special care.

Arpatek - a soft, delicate and noble material that feels like natural skin.Easy to clean, durable tear resistant to mechanical stress, long retains color.

Thus, the upholstery fabric is synthetic, natural or mixed.Certainly, linen and cotton fabrics most eco-friendly, but their life is much less.

But natural fabrics retain their shape better.Experts advise choosing cotton upholstery fabric for children's rooms, where the life of upholstered furniture is typically less than 5-7 years, and synthetic - for a living, t. To. It is more durable and unpretentious.For apartments, home pets, would be the best interior of nonwoven materials (flock, mikrofayber).

ideal can be regarded as a fabric with Teflon coating: water, tea, coffee, simply drain from the sofa, upholstered such tissue, leaving no trace.But the price! .. Well, you have to pay for quality.

And, of course, pay attention to some details.Self-respecting plant upholster the back of the same upholstery fabric as the "facade", and the same pull the fabric between the bottom and pillows.You can see how carefully sealed seams, how exactly is a series of clamps, sew upholstery.Of course, this stuff, but they say how long you will last a sofa.