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What is your "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov?

There is a theory that the Soviet people "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov - this is the "Gospel of Bulgakov."For young people from 60-70 years of the 20th century was to learn about Jesus Christ?

Yes, Bulgakov has added itself in the vision of the redemption of sins, and the protagonist of the novel Masters - Pontius Pilate, not Jesus, but because in fact the novel - about Jesus Christ, and that even the person who sent Yeshua to deathsincerely repent in this, because he realized that Yeshua - a great teacher, tried to make amends.

In my subjective opinion, Bulgakov did not try to bring the Bible to his contemporaries.Just learn a lot about the Bible only from the forbidden "Wizard ...".And actually, it's just a work of art created on the basis of the Bible.Each character in the novel is the prototype - a real person, and the author in his book created with his characters that he wanted.He could not in life to kill the hated editor who could not (or would not) publish

novel is the editor Berlioz he "to be finished" at the beginning.

no secret that a prototype of the Master in the novel - the author himself.Margarita, respectively, his wife - Elena Bulgakov (although there are opinions that Margarita - a way of collecting all three wives Bulgakov).The history of relations Bulgakov with Elena Sergeevna was the basis of the history of the relationship Master and Margarita.

Many domestic and foreign filmmakers tried to shoot "The Master and Margarita."But every time something prevented.Either not enough money, or superstition of actors refused to play.Or to remove the film did not come out on the screen (as was the case with the domestic formulation of 1994).Last statement of the novel "The Master and Margarita" - is, in my opinion, one of the best works of the director, as well as many of the actors.Note that not by chance the director chose to perform the roles of Caiaphas, and a man in French, one actor - Valentine Gaft.These two characters - are two sides of the same coin.Arbiters, the high priest and the chief ... THERE NKVD HERE.

And yet - the voice of the master and Yeshua (Sergei Bezrukov).How wonderful thought this move, is not it?By this action as if we join Jesus and the Master.Director Vladimir Bortko
wonderfully chosen actors.Honestly, at first reading in some magazine that prepared the shooting "The Master and Margarita," I was sure that Yeshua and the Master will play one actor - Bezrukov, but seeing as the Master Alexander Golibina, surprised at how similar the actorat the very Bulgakov.

So what for you "The Master and Margarita?" I think for many of you it is - a reference book.And did you know that Bulgakov is so worried about his novel and the readers of his novel, that in his will instructed his wife - Elena S. - pay half the fee from the novel to the reader, who is the first to come to his grave after the publication of the novel.A novel was published for the first time was 26 years after the author's death - in 1966.

author did not live to see the moment when the creation of his life became public.I sincerely wish you: if you have not read or watched this work sincerely advise you to do it.The impression can be both bad and good.But it certainly should be.His own.Good luck!