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With what they eat dragon's eyes?

You never had to try yellow eyes white dragon?Surely had, more than once.I do not remember?The most simple and common dish, I think, would agree even any man - eggs !

and eggs can be prepared in many different ways: with cheese, bacon, sweet pepper;fried eggs, scrambled eggs, whatever you like!And did you know how to cook scrambled eggs Chinese?However, in this case, we will call it not only as «yellow eyes white dragon» .

so.One of my favorite dishes, to which I was addicted in the period of his studies in Beijing, and who to this day continue to often enough to please myself and if someone so lucky others.I remember one of my friends said, "one more time to try the eye of the dragon, I am ready for anything."

So how to cook them, Eyes of the Dragon?

Recipe (good for two persons)

Ingredients :
5 eggs, 3-4 medium tomatoes, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, thickener (preferably dissolved in water, rice starch).

method for preparing :

1. Wash the tomatoes, peel them f

into neat slices (each tomato 6-8 cloves).

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add salt and gently whisk until smooth.

3. Pour in the oil pan so that the oil layer is not less than 0.5 cm. (Better to use a frying pan with a rounded bottom, so that the oil does not spread over too large a surface).
Put the pan over high heat.When the oil starts to boil, pour a thin stream of slowly cooked eggs while stirring and separating them in the pan.The eggs in the boiling oil should be converted into a growing mass of fluffy, pour the eggs into the pan too quickly, otherwise they will not be fluffy.Spatula, divide the eggs in a pan ready to small pieces and place back into the cup.

4. Again, put the pan with the remnants of oil over high heat.When the oil heats up quickly lay out slices of tomatoes to the pan (be careful, can be hot splashes), salt, add 4-5 teaspoons of sugar, stir quickly, put in the pan-cooked eggs, mix again, pour a little thickening, stir again and shootwith fire.

dragon eyes ready!

dish should be prepared on high heat, and very quickly, the eggs were fluffy and cooked tomatoes are not and have not collapsed.

Sweet and salty, juicy.Very delicious with boiled rice.
Bon appetit!