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What to see at the theater?

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Brecht's play not to lose popularity, but on the contrary, its gain.Each phrase is relevant and topical, because it is beyond the scope of social conflict.Subtle psychological facets of relationships described in the plays of the examples of...

Who is Mary Poppins?

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last time we left Pamela Lyndon Tevers in 1934 when her book about Mary Poppins, was completed.It only remained to find the artist.Originally planned for the role he Ernest Howard Shepard, already famous for his illustrations for the "Winnie...

The best domestic films?

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In the story told by the creators of the film, a lot of contrasts and oppositions, quite a lot of twists and turns.The film teaches us though: do not judge rashly, look, maybe in front of you is the real diamond, although it is in the wrong pl...